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I can't wait to meet you... but here's a little bit about me!

My name is Adriana, but everyone calls me Mojo.

I owe my passion for birthwork to my kids, who catapulted me into this love and deep respect for motherhood.  During my first pregnancy, I thought that I had done my homework - I read the books, took the classes, and hired the midwives - but after my due date came and went, I became buried by the medical system. After 40 weeks of an easy, low-risk pregnancy, where I listened to my intuition and trusted my body, I was shamed and bullied into a medically unnecessary induction based solely upon due date. I felt overwhelmed and out of control, and I never realized that I even had a choice!  

When I later became pregnant with my second child, I knew that I wanted an entirely different experience. I found an amazing and "old-school" wise-woman midwife to attend my home birth, and everything went sacredly. Even still, despite the beautiful, safe and comfortable birth experience at home
, there was something missing. It was a doula! I hadn't even heard of a doula yet, but as soon as I did, I knew I had to become one.

A doula is the only birth professional whose sole purpose lies with the comfort and support of the mother! In birth, while every other birth professional focuses on the end result, a healthy baby being born, a doula's position is always by the side of the mother - to mirror her own strength back to her, and to support and encourage her throughout labor. I believe in women, and I believe that birth is safe! Having a support person by your side who understands labor and birth, and unequivocally believes in you, is hugely beneficial to your experience and a positive outcome.  A mother who feels safe, in control, and supported (not managed!), will have a more successful labor with less medical interventions. The job of a doula is to hold space for the mother to do what she's inherently made to do: transcend and birth her baby. 

In postpartum doula work, my place is by the mother's side as well. I'm there to aid the whole family during this new transitional period, so that everyone is thriving and feeling emotionally and physically nourished. The road to recovery after birth can be difficult, but with some support from an amazing doula, mothers can confidently take care of themselves and their baby. Doula-present postpartum households have significantly lower rates of postpartum depression, higher success with breastfeeding, and report more restful sleep for the whole family.

No road to motherhood is the same, nor should be the prenatal or postpartum support that each woman receives. You are beautifully unique and your birth and postpartum choices deserve to be honored. Birthwork is my life's calling... I absolutely love working with mothers and families and watching as they step confidently into their new roles. I would be so thrilled to work alongside you in whichever capacity you're looking for support. With me, you'll always feel my optimistic happiness and strong, calming nature. I will walk with you wherever you go.
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