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Birth Doula Services

My role as a birth doula is to support you in your vision of birth and to empower you through information and emotional support. We work together to achieve the birth of your dreams! It's a privilege to support mothers, and a honor that I take seriously and accept humbly. I have no agenda other than to support your wishes. I believe that as the pregnant mother, you are the expert of your body and your birth experience should be as unique as you are. Allow me to support you, not because you need it... but because you deserve it.

Pregnant Woman with Henna Tattoo

2 Prenatal Visits

We will meet twice during your pregnancy to create your birth plan, learn about the stages of labor, and go over common interventions and your options. We'll talk about health and nutrition, prenatal yoga, and mindful breathing. We'll get to know each other well so that you feel confident and excited when the big day comes.


Continuous Labor Support

I will remain with you throughout your labor, whether it be at home, in the hospital, or at a birth center. I'll support you through breathing, changing labor positions, and natural pain relieving techniques. In addition, I will help you advocate for yourself to get the birth of your dreams.


24/7 Text Support

Instead of going down the internet rabbit hole, you can text me anytime during your pregnancy for evidence based information concerning all your pregnancy, birth and baby questions.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

2 Hours After-Birth Support to Establish Breastfeeding

I'll stay with you for a few hours after youry birth to help establish a great latch and celebrate you and your amazing baby.

Pregnant Woman with Mother

Childbirth Education

Birth is a natural and safe event. Through understanding the physiology of birth, you'll gain confidence in your ability to birth your baby. In addition, I have lots of wonderful recourses and stories of women's positive birth experiences to share with you.

Friendship Love

1 Postpartum Visit

After your baby is born, I'll be available for 1 postpartum visit to talk through your birth experience, assist with breastfeeding, swaddling, bathing, or just to give you a damn nap.

Price: $650

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