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Postpartum Doula Services

My role as a postpartum doula is to support you and your family during the delicate and delicious transition from pregnancy to postpartum. Bringing a baby home is so joyous... but taking care of a newborn comes with many trials, and its so important to receive support. Whether you have questions about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, swaddling, bathing, sleep schedules, balancing a baby with older siblings, or you just need a damn nap... Im here for you! I also assist with moderate household chores to help lighten your load and brighten your space, as well as meal preparation.

Allow me to be your village.

Smiling Baby

Breastfeeding & Feeding Support

Sleeping Baby

Baby Soothing & Sleeping

Infant Legs

Infant Care


Baby Wearing

Image by Anthony Tran

Postpartum Recovery

Health Shake

Postpartum Health & Nutrition

20 Hours of Support - $700

30 Hours of Support - $1,050

40 Hours of Support - $1,400

50 Hours of Support - $1,750

60 Hours of Support - $2,1000

*Additional hours available upon request.

*Overnight hours available upon request for an additional fee.

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